Matteo Del Pero


Matteo Del Pero, born in 1985, has shown a keen interest in furnishings since he was very young. His father, Cesare, passed on his passion as an artisan upholsterer. Despite his love of art, his life led him to study something else. Nevertheless, he still had a dream of one day being able to design and actually make one of his very own creations.

This is how he began his career in the family business; first as a young apprentice and now, owner and production manager. He has been able to share his passion by producing and designing pieces for leading companies in the furniture industry.



project designed by Matteo Del Pero,

“Meir,” a male Hebrew name, means “he who shines.”

This name was chosen as a symbol of success for a new project inspired by a woman’s accessory par excellence, the handbag.

Structurally sofas, the first piece of a soon to be expanded collection, are characterized by their rigid metal frame or “shell.” They welcome anyone who needs to get off their feet, in addition to fitting the soft upholstery.

The ultra-modern lines, accentuated by aesthetic details such as zipper and handles, simply emphasize the attention paid to detail.